Established as ECHO in 1978, the Victorian Journal of Home Economics is firmly established as one of the leading journals on Home Economics.

Institutions and individuals in many countries can access the Journal, providing an international forum for academic research papers and curriculum-based practice or general interest articles.

The Journal aims to provide current research and best practice information on the multifaceted area that is Home Economics. We welcome contributions from members and non-members including researchers from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

The scope of topic areas include globalisation, food security, local food systems, sustainability, technology, ethical consumption, quality of life, food and nutrition, textiles and clothing, shelter, health and wellbeing for individuals, families and within communities.

Curriculum areas include Home Economics, Food Studies, Health and Human Development, Product Design and Technology and Hospitality.

The Journal is published twice each year. The most recent journals can be accessed below.

Volume 55 Number 2 2016

In this issue:

  • Introducing the new VCE Food Studies
  • Developing your own assessment tasks
  • Unit 1: Food origins (in other words, why
    do we eat what we eat?)
  • Social struggle, tall tales and stereotypes:
    A closer look at food in colonial Australia
  • Food, culture and community
  • Supporting the nutritional wellbeing of
    adolescents: Findings from the
    Youth2000 surveys
  • Implementing the right to food in Australia
  • Food systems infographics
vjhe vol55 2 cover

Volume 55 Number 1 2016

In this issue:

  • Home economics education in a time of schooling
  • The intersection of knitting and coding
  • Food and faith
  • Impact of social factors on food choice
  • Cultivating the critical food artisan: the emergence
    of an undergraduate food studies program in Australia
vjhe vol55 1 cover

Volume 54 Number 2 2015

In this issue:

  • NGO contribution to global health: the experience of AOA
  • Benefits of Healthy Eating and Nutrition Education in schools
  • HEFL evaluation
vjhe vol54 2 cover

Volume 54 Number 1 2015

In this issue:

  • HELM – Home Economics Literacy Model –
    A vision for the field
  • Through the eyes of a satin bowerbird
  • Healthy eating for adolescent mental health
  • The new Healthy Eating Pyramid:
    Reinforcing the foundation of healthy eating
  • Camperdown College Food Technology Centre
  • Be sustainable by upcycling natural fibres


vjhe vol54 1 cover

Volume 53 Number 2 2014

In this issue:

  • Grandparents who provide child care: Maintaining
    health and life balance
  • The importance of skills-based food education
    and food literacy for today’s adolescents
  • Guatemala: A moment in time
    influencing a lifetime
  • An invitation for schools in the
    12 Healthy Together Communities
  • Food Literacy in Action
vjhe vol53 2 cover

Volume 53 Number 1 2014

In this issue:

  • Redefining and repackaging Home Economics:
    case of a Mediterranean island
  • Connect, collaborate and create: unlocking the
    potential through digital learning
  • Taking a food-based approached to Aussie
    diets: the National Health and Medical
    Research Council releases revised Australian
    Dietary Guidelines
  • ‘It’s not a negative’: Challenging portrayals
    of co-residence
  • A tribute to Doris Embling
  • Product quality: Deconstructing a
    textile product
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of planning
    and production
vjhe vol53 1 cover